Friday, March 28, 2008

start now

soon ill be heading to richmond, virginia for united blood festival.
i'll be driving down with my friend boobie, who is currently working at deathwish inc., so he'll be there working with them for the two days.
i'll be meeting up with my good friends in trash talk from california.
after the two days in richmond, i will then embark on a long extensive tour with them.
i cannot be happier.
you know i'll miss some people, but just know i'd rather be out there then sitting home in my room, doing nothing with my life, currently going no where. 
anyway, here's a flyer for the tour,
check out the dates, see where i'll be when you're thinking about me.

that's all for now.
i'll be updating pretty much any chance i get.
til then
peace to the gods.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


i could've swore i heard you say
that this wasn't the end
i won't fall victim to words at bay
i'd rather break then bend
no matter the weight of the world
or the lack of substance
i'm still here
still screaming

i wanted it all
nothing else mattered
it was me and you against the world

silently i protected
i made sure they never broke through
but my insides were turning
at war underneath because of you
i said i'd change
i never needed their help
but i'd rather die then bleed
then do this by myself