Monday, September 28, 2009

7:27am on monday, september 28th.

is it fascination or pure infatuation that's completely taken over my thought process? i can't get you out of my head. no matter how hard i try, every path i take leads directly back to you. your smile lights up my inner darkness and whisks me away to the place of pure childish excitement. i recall the feel of your skin against mine, oh the splendid ways we kissed. i held your hand and we danced into slumber for what felt like weeks at a time. my black cloud was simply a fashion accessory to perfect array of light you gave off, it only appeared when you were no where in clear sight. i've abandoned my only solace and exchanged my true love with my other true love. every song remind me of you. every waking minute brings your presence to the forefront. you were perfection in the simplest form. you were my beginning and my end. why must i float helplessly without your guidance? the sun's warmth isn't half as hot as when you de-robed and skin was the only thing between our bones. hearts pounding and beating uncontrollably, i wish this could last forever. i never want to be alone, unless it's with your memory. i'll be okay knowing that i had the chance and opportunity to at least try out my undying devotion on you and only you. photographs of your features bring me nothing but sorrow and emptiness but in the best way possible. i want to fight for your affection. you can call me when you want to call. i'll be waiting for you. i want to brush your hair away from your eyes and look deeply into your gaze and once again become speechless. beauty gets its definition from you. flawless in every single way. remember when you traced your fingers up my spine and we laughed about how we felt like we knew each other since childhood. i shared hidden things with you that no one will ever know about me. the one person who knows the most about me might not want to be in my life. the one person who can make and break me in one sentence has possibly forgotten me. there's words invented for times like these, sadly none are coming to mind. in mere seconds, i'll aim a gun at my head and shoot myself full of hope. here's hoping that when the time is right, the right will be right and wrong will be righted. cast only onto those who we push away, never harm the ones who are close. build up broken bridges but never places bridges over broken buildings. my automotive heart has learned to cruise in auto-pilot, will you take the wheel now? love, a character trait that's failed me again.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

upcoming thought process

when does it stop and where does it end?
i've traced the path back but made no amends
holding broken dreams with crushed arms
when forever came knocking, i was already running
fever break soon, this hurting needs to stop
look towards the failing light
it's all that guides me home
brace your love, this doesn't feel right
i've shot myself full of hope tonight
tomorrow seems so far away

i'll be on tour with afi/gallows (and flogging molly for canada) til november 22nd then i go to the UK with trash talk to do another gallows tour. then i return home to get the band i joined with brian off the ground. a lot is coming my way. a lot to handle. i can take it, i can take it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sometimes things turn around on you and darkness creeps up.
breath, this isn't anything to worry about.
get out of my face with that non sense.
i'm here for me and i'm making you leave.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

so met hings

i think it hits you in the strangest places. the sudden burst of creativeness. the one thing you've been looking for and needed to put you over the edge. i think i've found my niche in what musical direction i want to head in when it comes to my personal life. there's little people know about me. i'm not all solid stone when it comes to emotion and expression. i love being the outgoing person i am and the personality i convey in the public eye. but there's plenty of private wars i fight on a daily basis. secrets and betrayals seem to be more reoccurring then love and success. when the future is based on a day to day track record where does the pay off come into play? i'm still waiting for that moment. that glimpse of hope that'll push the me to the breaking point. i want to be on the edge of insanity and brilliance, that's where truth and purpose takes form. turning around is easier then pushing forward through hard times and dark days. i've pressed my cheek up against the glass of innocence and starred at the victims of the nine to five. it's ugly and respectable but right now it's not for me. one day will i need a occupation that requires me to preform on that schedule? yes but not this instance. music is my passion and my passion is music. i've got ideas to change the world. if only me and you hear it then i've done at least something right. nothing is ever as it seems, words of heartache might tell a story of a broken home life or of the perfect girl that got away. sentences containing the most obvious lines about the yearning to be something can simply be about wanting to be nothing at all. cover your eyes and close your mouth and just feel for once.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Forecast reads cloudy.

there's billions of people in the world. not one of them shakes my foundation. well there are a few but those people mean more to me then my own well being. once i decided to leave the dead weight behind, i started living. i held onto the ones who i would never forget and would do anything for. i always told myself if i can't get by then my close companions would help me by. there is no giving up, no second best. you can't love something so much that you're willing to let it go once you've hit an obstacle. where would i be had i broken down and went down that already beaten path. my self esteem is at an all time high and i'm where i've always wanted to be. there's so much on my plate and i love it.
yeeeee, and so it begins.