Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Is Where My Heart Lies

I've been on tour since february 12th. I've had no breaks since then
and won't have any until august 15th. that's a hell of a way to start
off 2010. 7 months of nothing but touring. 4 US tours, 1 European
tour, 1 Japan tour and Warped tour. I've been playing bass a lot but
it'll be nice to just have a job working for a band and guitar
teching. my give 110% every night attitude is unforuantely catching up
to me. my bumps and bruises have turned to scars and I'm overall sore.
I'm not complaining at all because I wouldn't want it any other way.
if I'm not doing this 100% or more then what's the point of doing it
at all. my life is quite the crazy roller coaster. I go from van to
van, from sprinter to bus and back to van as if that's normal. i've
never been more thankful for where I am in life and what I have then I
am right now. I think sometimes when you have a brush with death it
makes you open your eyes and see the little things you were ignoring
before. well I've cheated death twice and I can honestly say the
smallest things mean the most to me. I've regretted nothing and given
almost everything to be where I am today. your life is what you make
it and mines pretty fucking cool. peace.