Friday, October 31, 2008

been a minute

despite popular beliefs, I am not what you think I am. I'm far more
superior to the ones that surround you. my stare is deeper and darker.
my strength is unmatched and there is no rival. my ambition will not
be detered like all the rest. my rise to the top was self made and my
fall will be self inflicted. I regret nothing of my past and all the
bridges I burnt were all connected to roads I don't wish to travel.
have I arrived to a place where all things are mine for the taking?
the wind blows, the earth turns, you still wake up every morning and
so should I. the life you lead is yours to keep, the life I own was
once fragile and weak. the tides have changed, the oceans favor me now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

the best

from lincoln, ne to columbia, mo is what we're doing right now. it's
become somewhat of daily thing to be travelling. for some reason this
feels normal. I almost hate that this has become all I know but I love
music and I'm with some of my best friends. I miss those who I've left
in new jersey but if they don't understand then they don't truely know
me. my birthday is on the 25th and it just so happens that the nj show
is on that day as well. I'm excited about it. all my close friends
bands are playing it and all the bands get to meet some of my family.
it will be good times all around. good vibes all around. I'll be home
on the 21st for the day then back out the 22nd or so who knows. also
at the end of this tour, right before thanksgiving, I'm headed to
alaska. that's pretty wild. mad snow, eskimos, reindeer, igloos, and
all that jazz.

til later, I love and miss you.

Friday, October 10, 2008


i am the wave of razors, crashing into your sea of skin
the grey cloud overhead brings a smile
this overwhelming feeling makes way for the pins and needles
settle down, settle this down
uninterested eyes focus on easy targets
touch the sweetest cheek
fall victim to infatuation 
settle now, settle with me now
cancer of the heart
love cannot be a disease
after all the breakdowns and early a.m. fights
i find myself wanting to crawl back into your arms
there is no shame in the intimate
lovers who are fighters
live to be forgotten, but die a sultry death
birds on a line, resting their tired wings
i'm laying in the grass, resting my weary bones
take away my blood, and my body will still function
i run off hopes and dreams
the books i've read and studied, the finest
the body i have touched and studied, the finest
you're the walking dictionary of mind and beauty
the greatest achievement in a lesser human being such as myself
i tried to hold on
afraid the world would know of my secret
but my arms grew weak and i couldn't hold on
i couldn't hold you
now i sit and wait
for the day, she returns
and i'll take her in my grasp and never let her go
please, please come back.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

right now

currently I'm sitting at gate b34 in the atlanta international
airport. I took another tour that requires me to fly to meet up with
them. it's gonna be a fun tour I think. good times with good friends.
it was real fun being on tour with the years gone by. the tour itself
wasn't the best shen it came to shows and money, but the good times
were had and the other dudes on the tour turned out to be awesome.
nothing serious happened. I collected a small family to keep me
company and I love em. they will accompany me for the first week and a
half on this next tour then they will placed into the arms of their
new temporary residence. who knows they might like it there and stay
but that's their decision. anyway i'm sure no one reads this anymore,
but who cares. I miss my friends, I miss my family, and I miss my bed,
but I'm doing good and I wouldn't have it any other way.

til next time, I love and miss you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

straight forward

nothing feels real anymore
I'm not taking my time anymore
to show you how I feel
to show you who I am
cause it's locked away