Monday, January 7, 2008

random tour

day 1:
left to head to richmond but the traffic was too heavy to even think about getting there on time. so joe called letdown and we tried to jump on a baltimore show. that didn't work either since there were no drums to use. so the tour didn't get off to a good start per say. after our pit stop in b-more we started our journey down to florida.

day 2:
played some show at a skate park with petition and know the score. it was fun. kinda weird vibe but all in all it was an alright show. there was some pit beef.

day 3:
played at some club that had the weirdest stage. a lot of kids showed up. sold a lot of merch. had a good time. ate mcdonalds. talked on the phone for a little bit. then drove to a hotel.

day 4:
this is for you fest. we played the second day. we were playing up there with pulling teeth, lion of judah and so on and so forth. the reaction was insane. i mean kids were going off to ray just sound checking. kids were getting to close for comfort with me so i ended up getting a little heated and kicking kids off stage literally. i kicked rottmann on accident. right after we played, we sold some merch and packed up all the stuff and set out on a 20 hour drive to texas.

day 5, 6, 7, 8:
first day of tour with know the score and kids like us. all these days were in texas. i don't remember much of them for some reason i don't know why but it all seems like a blur to me. we played shows and hung out and did some real random stuff. one show was at a tattoo shop and 160ish kids were there. that's nuts. played at a place where we played with bitter end and iron age on the summer tour. that was fun. after the last texas date we headed out on a 10 hour drive to alabama.

day 9:
a show at cave 9. we opened. the whole tour package played first which was pretty strange. the place was awkward. it was some shitty pop punk band's cd release or something and we just kind of felt out of place there. even though a majority of the kids in the place were there to see the tour we were on. afterwards we went back to the place we were staying and fell asleep.

day 10:
played at the muse in nashville. it was cool. played well. ate taco bell. then headed for the hotel we were staying at for free.

day 11:
atlanta, ga. my enemy on the last tour. i proved that it wouldn't be my enemy this tour. we played at a place called the shop. at first the turn out was not that great but by the time we went on there was a good amount of people there. we played pretty good. know the score had a good reaction. then kids like us went on and kids went nuts. it was the last day of the know the score/kids like us/mongo tour so lars asked if i wanted to sing underground by life of agony. so i did and while singing it i was thinking about ray and alan at the first show of the tour when kids like us randomly covered it and it was just a good time and fun. after the show was over we took a picture with all the dudes and then we went our separate ways.

day 12:
richmond at some random place that looked like a department store. the weirdest show i've ever been to. the vibe was so awkward. people were just standing there like zombies. the only good part was seeing our friends in bitter end. they were on tour with reign supreme and we just happened to get on a show on that tour and play with them. after the show ended we finally headed home.

all in all, it was a good time. aside from ray talking about having sex with me cause i had long hair, nothing really went wrong. i had a bunch of head aches. actually, the whole time i had a head ache and most of the time that stopped me from having a good time which i sort of regret. but overall, my spirits were as high as they could be and i'm glad it happened. until next tour, peace.

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