Monday, April 21, 2008

TOUR UPDATE (4/8 - 4/21)

been keeping the vibe mustard.
everything's clean.
everything's pure.
but that doesn't mean everything's okay.
no, i'll touch your dick, if you get a boner you're gay.
where have you been?
i've been having fun.
making memories that'll last a long time.

right now as i think about some things,
i really find it funny.
some people talked shit about me, and ran their mouth.
and in past situations, i'd get all hot headed and fight them.
but now that i look at things like that, i just laugh.
while they wallow in their tears and their so called love for music and shit.
i'm out on the road doing what i love.
experiencing the road with 5 of my good friends
you're still sitting home doing nothing with your life, going no where.
i'm laughing at you, everybody's laughing at you.

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