Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's been a long road

so I've been out since september 10th and it's now the middle of
november. that's a real thing to comprehend. it's been a long road and
one I've traveled before but for some reason I feel good about this
one. burned a lot of bridges that didn't need to stand. I feel good
this time around. I'm not relying on anyone in particular and I'm
doing things for myself. I've disappointed plenty of people in the
past and I'm through with that. I realize I fucked up a lot of good
things but if I can't look back and learn (and laugh) then I'm missing
something. met some awesome people along the way. some people are just
genuine, good people and I like that. I'm not that close to normal but
being accepted for who I am by ones who aren't like me is a somewhat
good feeling. bringing home that dough is nice but it's not
everything. life experiences are far greater then money. going to
alaska, seeing land marks, and visiting things like the alamo, the
grand canyon, and the pacific coast on a constant basis is unreal. I
might be delaying real life right now but I know once I get into the
swing of that I'll hit it head on. on another subject, I really miss
somebody but it's a lose-lose situation for myself. I have my reasons
and in my head they all make sense. it's only 11 days til I'm home for
awhile through the new year. this might be the last post I do til I'm

til then, I love you

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