Thursday, March 5, 2009

for once in your life....

i'm sitting in the room i've called home for about a month now and i'm randomly happy. luis has given me a place to stay, which was very generous of him by the way and i owe him the world. there's talks of me moving out to california in late april/may-ish. we'll see how that works out. so the first tours are done for this year and i'm onto relax time. i get to go home, see my family, see natalie and just lounge around and do nothing. where i'm at mentally and such is an amazing feeling. if you could see the constant smile i've painted on my face the past couple months, you'd think i was a circus clown. it's very nice knowing the world isn't against you and you might have carved a place into people's lives. i am who i am, i'm very open about things and i put myself out there. i'm as care free as ever and well that's me, like it or leave it. the overall response to me out here on the west coast is i'm a good dude, a little weird, but good none the less. some people don't get me, but that makes them want to continue picking my brain apart to see how i operate. that will never happen for them but it keeps them interested. so until the next time i see you, keep reading this. i'll be making random updates and posts just to keep everyone in touch with my where abouts and what i'm doing.

one love

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Beastman said...

you're the best man