Thursday, August 20, 2009

high knives with sharp fives

where does your head take you when you're doing 80 down a highway and
all you can do is stare out into the wilderness? you can try and try
to ignore what's racing through your mind but inevitably it comes to
the fore front. it's packaged in a dusty, old trunk tucked deep into
the back of your brain. it hasn't been touched in some time and
should've just disappeared like the rest of its kind. what's left
after you've burned and buried all you once knew? nothing remains and
what's dead stays dead. as hard as I try to feel, I just can't. I will
not put myself in a position to be brought down. if living is a trick
then I've become a master magician. I'm as cold as they come but still
so full of life. you can build all your bridges to me but I'll refuse
your passage as quickly as the next. you and you and you and you mean
absolutely nothing to me. airing dirty laundry is not a game you want
to play with me. I'll crush everything you stand for and leave you
questioning what exactly you believe in. test me, push me to the edge
and see who falls. my intelligence and wit is my balance and you're
teetering on an unstable ledge. forwards ever, backwards never.

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