Monday, October 12, 2009


fragile hands are swift reminders that life isn't what it may seem to be. when collecting thoughts of prior engagements, it's often hard to focus on what the real lesson is. i've slept in beds of royalty and dined with the poorest of mankind. i see no difference. the upper class hates themselves the same, if not equally as much as the lower class. it's your attitude about life that defines you, not the way you wish to display your character. just because you act rich doesn't mean you are rich. some people have millions but look as if they just pranced out of the local thrift store. when breezing through life becomes easier then actually living and experiencing this great planet, something is deathly wrong. i never set a standard or a goal for myself. i never felt the need to. i just thought that if things are going to happen for myself, they will. and they have, in my eyes at least. if someone would've asked me 4 years ago what i'd be doing this time right now, back then, i would've said, "i don't know, probably the same old shit." no prediction is the world would've been right and i'm okay with that. life takes turns and 180's and brings you full circle and back again. it's all in how you look at it and use it to your advantage. i've dined with the richest of mankind and slept in the beds of paupers. i refuse to see a difference.


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timburtonlandia said...

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