Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TOUR UPDATE (5/4 - 5/7)

umm started this tour in brooklyn with coliseum and victims (both good bands in their own rights) and it was at some weird club. then we played club hell, where i played with madball when i did my first weekend with the mongoloids playing bass. the show was awkward and overall strange but good. afterwards we drove back to my friend brian's. he was at the show and we just drove back with him. we got back to his apartment and it was me, lee, jason t., rashod, and nickdub. we played gta4 for countless hours then fell asleep. the next day we woke up and chucky edge came over and then we started our day. we went into downtown and walked around and then got something to eat afterwards we came back to brian's to hang out before the show.  went to the show in boston it was cool a lot of deathwish alum came out to watch. loaded the van up and then got the unfortunate news that we wouldn't be going to canada. so that means we're shacked up in boston for a couple days until tour continues in cleveland. currently i'm at brian's just sitting around doing nothing. we're jumping on a couple shows here and there around boston so it should be fun. until next update, peace and love. 

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