Monday, May 19, 2008

TOUR UPDATE (5/8 - 5/20)

things haven't really changed, but things haven't remained the same. 
love given and love has been taken away.
many roads have been travelled but all seem to lead home.
you can't miss what wasn't there to begin with.
friendships are like the wind, some stay and comfort you when others leave and never return.
is it easier to forgive or easier to forget?
i still have not been given an answer to that simple 9 word question.
are things getting better or am i just pretending they are?
am i being laughed at behind my back or am i admired?
the past couple days, i've been reassured that i'm pretty much alone in my own world.
fuck you, you left and i'm pissed and hurt.
today was cool and was great all around.
i'll be flying home on the 27th
that's the tuesday after rainfest in seattle
i'll be arriving into the philly airport at 5ish
home could be nice this time around.
till next time.

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