Tuesday, June 10, 2008

home is where you hang your head

speak no evil. it's a classic trait i've always abided by. i hear shit, i don't continue the shit talking train just to satisfy my inner problem maker. i love the people i've surrounded myself with. in one way or another, they've proven that they are looking out for my best interest and i will do the same vice versa. i've formed a team of players that are willing to go the extra mile for me and it's a good feeling. i've fucked up, i'll admit it, and i'm not proud of some of the things i've done. regardless, i've pushed ahead and take life on as it comes. i've been home since may 27th and shit hasn't been the best. some horrible things have gone down. my family lost a key member and a lot of hard times are ahead in terms of dealing with the loss. my bad luck streak when it comes to criminal problems kept right on going when i got home and it really isn't good. i need to change my lifestyle and start thinking about things before doing them. i'm nowhere near a dumb person, but my decisions don't speak volumes about my I.Q. i need to wake up from this world i'm living in and start advancing myself in this reality. in between tours i need to start working and getting my home life together so when i leave i'm not leaving with nothing. i need to prove myself to myself. i don't owe anyone, anything. 

shout outs to trash talk, d. cookie, av, alan, joey glasses, cox, lil bro, don, rfj, a love like pi, boobie, pat gerity and rtf, all my other california friends, fatty, my cousins, and anyone else who i forgot.

peace to the gods.

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