Monday, June 16, 2008

shirts for sale

RZL DZL-black shirt with red print-size M
LIVING HELL-white shirt-you are the disease design-size M
GUNS UP-white shirt-Big L design-size M
BITTER END-black shirt-record release shirt for climate of fear-size M
THE MONGOLOIDS-black shirt-ICP This Is Hardcore design-size M
GUNS UP-white shirt-euro tour I THINK I'M LOSING MY MIND design-size M
THE MONGOLOIDS-blue tank top-swirl design-size S
THE MONGOLOIDS-white tank top-biohazard rip-size S
THE MONGOLOIDS-black tank top-biohazard rip-size S
THE MONGOLOIDS-tie dye tank top-smoke out design-size M
DOWN TO NOTHING-white tank top with blue print-size M
LOCKIN' OUT RECORDS-white shirt-middle finger, crotch grabbing design-size M
BRACEWAR-white shirt-FUCKS ON THE FIRST DATE 1st print-size S
BURY YOUR DEAD-black shirt-2003 tour shirt-size S
LIFETIME-black shirt-two hearts design for some charity-size S
SHATTERED REALM-grey shirt-this world is mine design-size S
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD-black shirt-nothing in vain design-size S
MENTAL-white shirt-alien design-size S
H2O-black shirt-statue of liberty design-size M
WITH HONOR-black shirt-skeleton wings design-size S
BITTER END-black shirt-blue print of the BEHC design-size YL

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