Monday, September 22, 2008


you're foreign territory to me now. to sit and watch you dance the
sweetest waltz, is a thorn in my side. the throne you've been
presented doesn't look to be crumbling yet. these hands you used to
hold are now cold with indifference. stay and wait for my moment or
turn and leave? the chances I've had and used don't seem to sing my
praises. the choir of rejection stands atop the highest mountain in my
mind and belts out a constant ballad. no need to sing along, I've
heard this song too many times to want to join in. my eyes are only
tormented, with pictures and postcards. it's with or without me. a
motto you've settled upon. one I have to agree with, though it hurts
more then you know. growing distant from a burden puts your feet to
work. this running around to catch up to a half broken memory isn't
helping. it can't help. trying to tear down a wall you built makes
rain a welcomed friend. guard your heart, the business of stealing you
away from me is at an all time high. I used to hold you close, but now
I can only stare from afar.

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