Tuesday, September 16, 2008

this is what I signed up for...

so the tour started friday. the show was in delaware, and it was an
experience. the whole time I just felt so out of place. but soon I
realized that tour is tour and it's all the same when it's all broken
down. the dudes I'm with, I've known for years, so it's not that
awkward. lou, nick, mike, and will are the only band that somewhat
sticks out and is completely different. that's pretty hard to do
seeing as they are a pop punk band. after the show a fight happened.
it was gay. wanna be tough guys always wanna be tough, but they always
fail. we headed home to sleep at our respective houses. the next day
was at the championship in pa. I've been there before this so I knew
what to expect. saw a few dudes that I know through going there with
hardcore bands so it was a nice relief. the show was somewhat packed.
220ish kids, not bad at all. same performances, same reactions. drove
home afterwards. got home and woke up the next day to tale care of
some stuff with my family. alex called and said to come kick it after
I was done with my prior engagments, so I did. it was nice to see him
and hoodrack, duane, rifkin, and the mongos for a little. following
that I went to stay with a friends and all the stress that I was
feeling was gone so it was good. I'll update this frequently like
usual. peace, I love and miss you.

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