Monday, January 19, 2009

hey hey hey

everything is just great. i can't even begin to explain it.
holding grudges seem so childish now a days.
i'm in a good place right now and i couldn't be happier.
no more faking smiles, or trudging towards a not so hopeful day, none of that.
it's all on the up and up.
i don't know why i didn't see it earlier. i guess sometimes i blind myself instead of opening my eyes to what's really going on.
i wasn't me for the longest time, but i seem to come around a lot less without you.
crazy how once you put your life into perspective how things tend to fall into place.
my feelings aren't hurt, i'm actually back to normal i believe.
to anyone that reads this, i hope you're doing good and your life is great.
i don't wish the worst anymore.
tour starts on the 27th and i couldn't be anymore excited.
i have a full plate in front of me and i can either decide to eat up or excuse myself because i'm full.
i'm taking this day by day from here on out.
life's way too short to waste it on liars, cheaters, and haters.
keep doing you and i'll keep doing me.
i hope there's pictures of me playing bass for alpha and omega from this upcoming tour because there will be some nice shirts worn as i'll try to shout out as many close friends as i possibly can. 
i probably won't write in this til tour starts, so until then, goodbye.

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