Thursday, May 7, 2009

just once, let's do something different.

when you have nothing and have to hustle to get by, it really brings out the best in you. (and the beast in you) is it comforting knowing that when shit needs to get done, i'm down to ride 110%. i don't know it's strange, whenever i'm placed on my own, i seem to flourish. if you get cornered and find yourself struggling to figure something out, look within and not outwardly. when you can assess the situation first, then you can ask people you thoroughly trust for a helping hand. often i try to pause, rewind, stop and replay moments instead of living in the present but no longer. i was on a good path for quite a while and somehow in the past couple weeks deviated from that path. i fell back into the swing of old things but i realized i lost focus and now i'm back on track. forwards ever, backwards never.

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