Thursday, May 14, 2009

where i'm at

is where i want to be.

there's a crushing feeling that cripples the body when a person finds out that everything they want and need aren't so easily attained. brush back the hardships and find the silver lining. comb the adonis like hairs called life and relive the greatest moment known to man. insert your name and age when necessary and leave out the evil that provokes heartache. your skin is paralyzing to the touch, i can't restrain myself. if i hold on tight enough, i'll be attached to the hip with you forever. walk me to the morgue and leave me there to celebrate my overdue passing. the flowers look beautiful but smell stale. the peculiar odor is very disheartening and turns my stiff body to vapors. i want to be the sweat that drips and slides down your body in the ever so tender occurrences of passion. i grip your body with strength i never knew i possessed. i've wrapped myself in your arms like blankets on a baby. the warmth between us could light the darkest of days and fuel the emptiest of days. legs intertwined and hands locked and loaded for youthful mornings after spending the night lost in each others gaze. my chest won't sit still, it's pounding. my heart is looking for a way out and i won't let it leave. i want to give you the world. my world. if i ever see you again after this slumber, i pray it never ends. i still feel you, i still miss you, you've meant more to me then you'll ever know. if ever a day, you decide to stay, this waiting game i play will make up for time spent away.