Friday, October 17, 2008

the best

from lincoln, ne to columbia, mo is what we're doing right now. it's
become somewhat of daily thing to be travelling. for some reason this
feels normal. I almost hate that this has become all I know but I love
music and I'm with some of my best friends. I miss those who I've left
in new jersey but if they don't understand then they don't truely know
me. my birthday is on the 25th and it just so happens that the nj show
is on that day as well. I'm excited about it. all my close friends
bands are playing it and all the bands get to meet some of my family.
it will be good times all around. good vibes all around. I'll be home
on the 21st for the day then back out the 22nd or so who knows. also
at the end of this tour, right before thanksgiving, I'm headed to
alaska. that's pretty wild. mad snow, eskimos, reindeer, igloos, and
all that jazz.

til later, I love and miss you.

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