Friday, October 10, 2008


i am the wave of razors, crashing into your sea of skin
the grey cloud overhead brings a smile
this overwhelming feeling makes way for the pins and needles
settle down, settle this down
uninterested eyes focus on easy targets
touch the sweetest cheek
fall victim to infatuation 
settle now, settle with me now
cancer of the heart
love cannot be a disease
after all the breakdowns and early a.m. fights
i find myself wanting to crawl back into your arms
there is no shame in the intimate
lovers who are fighters
live to be forgotten, but die a sultry death
birds on a line, resting their tired wings
i'm laying in the grass, resting my weary bones
take away my blood, and my body will still function
i run off hopes and dreams
the books i've read and studied, the finest
the body i have touched and studied, the finest
you're the walking dictionary of mind and beauty
the greatest achievement in a lesser human being such as myself
i tried to hold on
afraid the world would know of my secret
but my arms grew weak and i couldn't hold on
i couldn't hold you
now i sit and wait
for the day, she returns
and i'll take her in my grasp and never let her go
please, please come back.

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