Wednesday, September 16, 2009

so met hings

i think it hits you in the strangest places. the sudden burst of creativeness. the one thing you've been looking for and needed to put you over the edge. i think i've found my niche in what musical direction i want to head in when it comes to my personal life. there's little people know about me. i'm not all solid stone when it comes to emotion and expression. i love being the outgoing person i am and the personality i convey in the public eye. but there's plenty of private wars i fight on a daily basis. secrets and betrayals seem to be more reoccurring then love and success. when the future is based on a day to day track record where does the pay off come into play? i'm still waiting for that moment. that glimpse of hope that'll push the me to the breaking point. i want to be on the edge of insanity and brilliance, that's where truth and purpose takes form. turning around is easier then pushing forward through hard times and dark days. i've pressed my cheek up against the glass of innocence and starred at the victims of the nine to five. it's ugly and respectable but right now it's not for me. one day will i need a occupation that requires me to preform on that schedule? yes but not this instance. music is my passion and my passion is music. i've got ideas to change the world. if only me and you hear it then i've done at least something right. nothing is ever as it seems, words of heartache might tell a story of a broken home life or of the perfect girl that got away. sentences containing the most obvious lines about the yearning to be something can simply be about wanting to be nothing at all. cover your eyes and close your mouth and just feel for once.

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