Friday, October 19, 2007


it's like one week i'm cool enough to be hung out with and the next three i'm just some faggot who doesn't deserve the time of day.
well nah, you can go fuck yourself.
all your friends can go fuck themselves.
and you're little lifestyle can go fuck itself.
i hope you or someone who is totally down for you steps to me.
you deserve all the shit you got.
you fucking ghost of person.
here one day gone for three months.
fuck you, i'm glad i'm leaving.
"oh my god nick, i can't believe you're leaving. = ("
fuck you, you fake ass bitch.
i really hope the worst for you.
i hope you cry more then you smile.
i hope you fail more then you succeed.
i hope all the bullshit foundations you built come crumbling down.
i've never felt so fucking used and played with then i do right now.
go fuck yourself.
tell your friends to go fuck themselves.
and i hope you guys all die in a car accident.

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