Monday, October 22, 2007


- will not want to fight all the time.
- will love my dog as much as i do
- will sit and watch hulk hogan dvd's
- will watch football with me on sundays
- will not mind if i come home with a huge gash in my head
- will go out of their way to see just like i go out of my way to see them
- will not put me last
- will not put me first
- will treat me equally and show me the same respect i show them
- likes integrity, sheer terror, and all the bands i'm friends with (or at least pretend to like them)
- will not be fake and change with the seasons and faces around them
- makes me laugh
- keeps me warm
- accepts that i'm not the most normal person around
- will be okay with my poop sense of fashion
- knows a little something about everything but not everything about something
- will let me ruin every picture they take
- knows that i will be me and only me and that's okay with them.

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