Wednesday, August 27, 2008

updates, updates, updates.

this was one of the best moments of my life.
watching two of my favorite players of all time, go head to head for that brief moment in time.
the memories will last a lifetime.

onto other things.
let's see, where to begin.
september 12th - october 7th: tour managing the years gone by for the rise records tour.
should be interesting, seeing as the bands involved and new experiences.
going into it with an open mind and such.
october 7th - october 9th: home for those two days.
trying to spend as much time with the ones who matter the most.
i'm not naming names, because well, i don't know who will be around or who i will even be friends with.
october 9th/10th - november 14th/15th: trash talk full us tour.
first couple dates are with every time i die. that should be interesting.
the whole tour is with alpha and omega. they are a good band and should be fun to watch.
we also are playing a CMJ showcase of some sorts in new york. more details when they come in.
gonna be playing gigs with war hungry, new lows, and bracewar.
gonna be a good time to be had.
november 19th - november 22nd: getting flown to alaska for two shows.
fly in, hang out.
next day play show.
next day play show.
next show fly back.
sounds like a great time to me.
after that the routing is uncertain with me.
i'm not sure where life will take me.
maybe it will take me into her arms or maybe i'll be tossed around like a little puppet.
i need to find direction in life.
or at least something to miss and look forward to seeing.

when all the dates get posted, they will be posted in here.
until then, peace i love you

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