Monday, August 18, 2008

updating the world.

things have been pretty cool.
hung out with war hungry and ceremony tonight.
i really needed that.
i miss the dudes from war hungry after doing the tour with them.
hoodrack, mook, alex, ian, and alex have all become close friends of mine.
i had a good time just talking and hanging out and being normal. or at least my version of normal was cool to experience for a night. 
it was also really nice to see ceremony. i hadn't seen those dudes since sound and fury and it was nice to catch up with them about their tour and the upcoming ones they got going. 
overall it was just refreshing to be in a room of people i call friends and feel at home.

things in my life have been a little hectic as of recent.
i've got some things to work out and get straight and then i'll be on a path of discovering where i'm going from here. 
i'm kind of bummed i never got my passport and that i'm not going to europe for the trash talk/paint it black tour this september, but i guess it's a good things.
it gives me time to get some shit together.
time to get my head straight.
time to fix things with her. (got off to a sour note)
time to make things work with other things.
and just a little more time to just have time to relax.
a lot of new things popped up recently that require my attention.
some make me happy and other make me stressed but that's life.
i'm happy. 
so to whomever is reading this, i hope you're happy too.
that's it for me.
peace, i love you.

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