Sunday, August 24, 2008

words for dave

do you see the pain that stays

hidden in canyons on my face

an empty void that i've held with care

you were there but you weren't there

tell me is it meant to work

and prove that this life has worth


there's hope in the loneliest times

and lies within trust

hands out stretched for warmth

have only turned gold to dust

and love to lust

wrap me up in you

and hold me close

i've strayed too far from comfort

build us a wall

that keeps out insecurities

cause i'd rather be with you 

then alone with them

you opened up a feeling

that i didn't know existed

you bandaged my wounds

caressed my bruises and away you kiss it

pleased to meet you

the pleasure is mine

in time, this place will tear us apart

and the mark we made will disappear from their minds

here dave

do what you will

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