Tuesday, July 22, 2008


things are good I just had to wake up and smell the roses. text
messages and emails and all that jazz keep me feeling alive again. : )
I'm not someone who was given up on, yet I'm someone that was given a
second chance. I feel like my life might be coming together right now.
good paying job ( which if I dont say is long overdue) that I'll be
able to buy nice things for me and other important people. its calming
when things like this happen. best of luck to all, life's too short to
worry about the future and past. live for today. every minute of every
hour. someone still cares. I'm not alone, I never was. youre great.
thank you for being there, I promise when I get home you'll be
rewarded with gifts or taken out to dinner or something. I love
myself. I am not a bad person, I'm a catch and then some. glad I
finally realized that. til next time. peace, I love you (man it feels
good to say that).

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