Friday, July 25, 2008

end of this tour

so the 15 hour drive was brutal but we did it and got to the show on
time. us and cold world pretty much arrived at the same time. we
loaded in our shit then proceeded to veg out cause we were all tired.
set up merch then watched trapped under ice play. they are doing
really well for themselves. its always good to see friends while out
on the road. after their set CDC played, boring next. trash talk
played next and it was alright nothing special but alright. after them
it was cold world. they did good I think everyone was just tired and
was just blehhhhh. bands played after that and then finally terror
played. it was kinda unreal to be able get up on stage and stand there
and watch scott vogel sing. I was kinda taken back but then I realized
he's just like me. he loves music and is all about what he loves.
thats something to respect. anyway after the show was over we loaded
up and I drove the 7 hours pretty much with garrett driving the last
20 minutes to joe harders house. we posted up and slept for a little
bit. woke up, hung around the house then eventually made our way to
the mongoloids show. it was nice to see alan and dave and joe and
rottmann and andrew. and all of them were happy to see me. the show
was alright but I couldve gone without it. went home after the show,
had aaron v sitting on my lap. got back started to pass out then got
the whole "you gotta put these records together. what did you think
you were gonna sleep." put the records together and passed out. woke
up and now sound and fury starts. I'll try to keep this updated who
knows. peace, I love you.

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