Saturday, July 19, 2008

the luck I have

last night we played atlanta, at the same place I had my accident
happen. it was somewhat of a mild manner night for me, but then again
the band told me I was doing the most. who knows. I can't say it was
crazy, I just know that there was nothing that really stuck out to me
as being that wild. the weather has been at an all time high. it
really sucks to say the least. I've made some good friends on this
tour. ethan, who usually plays drums for steel nation but is filling
in for cold world, helped me destroy a room filled with strange things
and random objects. he even encouraged me to climb a dry wall by
punching and kicking hand and foot holes. it was nuts. got garrett a
have heart wind breaker. he was really intoxicated and was giving me
this strange look the whole night like he did something that I didn't
know about. the temperature in the venue was really hot. I mean there
was condensation forming on the ceiling and walls. war hungry played 2
songs. kids enjoy them so hoodrack should recieve done praise on this
tour seeing as he fronts a great band. dan and me both wore durags
during the cold world set. it was a good time. the night hit its peak
when I climbed about 8 feet up onto a pa speaker and swan dived onto a
sing along part. after the show ended we packed up the gear and headed
to this kid neil's house. slept a good amount and then left his place.
we just got done eating chik-fil-a and we are starting our drive to
birmingham to cave 9. tonight hopefully is cool and then its 3 more
shows til we're at sound and fury. I currently miss my family,
especially my little sister and her asshole ways. I also miss you and
that's real but every day is a new day and every time I wake up I deal
with it. such is life. hope home is good for all those I care about.
for now the road is my home. I'll see you when I get home. peace, I
love you.

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