Friday, July 18, 2008

one crazy night

so we play this place in winter park, florida and it all goes well.
the sound is good, the reaction was good, and nothing went wrong.
until after the set the dude who greeted us when we arrived started
bugging out over his stage monitors being broken. which was weird lee
didn't break them while singing. it was from the kids stage diving and
singing along that dented the screen coverings on the monitors. so as
we're loading out and packing up, the dude comes over to us and starts
going nuts. saying this and that, at first we were all laughing under
our breaths because it was funny. chase and wade were slapping their
knees I guess they were thoroughly amused. so there we were 20 of us
or so surrounding this dude and 3 of his biker friends. granted these
dudes were all biker-ed out wearing leather vests and what not but
come on they didn't stand a chance. yea one of the guys had his hand
on a knife and was making it visible for all to see but I had that
taken care of. so the dude just keeps freaking out and going crazy all
the while his friend is telling him to let it go and send us on our
way. so we load up the van and take off but not before he threatens us
with a "you'll never play a hard rock show ever again." after that all
of us went to a steak n' shake and we all had a good laugh about the
whole situation. I ordered a milk shake and decided not to eat. I'm on
this kick of eating the very least I can possible and just drinking
water for the most part. its been good times all around and nothing to
complain about. big update coming soon, stay tuned. I love you, peace.

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