Thursday, July 17, 2008

early and tired

last night we had drive through the night from johnson city, tennessee
to winter park, florida. it was a 11 hour drive straight through so we
grabbed something to eat after the show and headed out. within the
first 20 minutes everyone was passed out. I dont mind it really cause
it gives me time to think. think about where I'm at and where um
headed. think about the mistakes I've made and the strong points in my
life. all these things come rushing towards my late night brain all at
once and in a way I dont feel like its healthy for me but it has to
happen. one must reflect on one's past in order to understand where he
or she is headed in the future. there's an eerie feeling that occurs
when you realize youve probably wronged people you care about and
there's no turning back and making up for it. there's an old saying
that goes, "forward ever, backward never." that statement speaks
volumes about my life. if you want to be in my life then so be it, if
not then keep living in the past. I love you, peace.

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