Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I miss a lot of things, none of which require attention right now.
it's one thing to move on, but it's another thing to forget. I don't
think I've done either. oh well, I guess I'll just wake up tomorrow
refreshed and forget everything that has transpired the past couple
days. maybe it is harder to forget then it is to forgive. where do you
end and I begin? there exist the deepest hurt in the shallowest
moments. anyway, tour's been great. this will be my second year in a
row being at sound and fury. I'm excited and that says a lot seeing as
I dont get excited about much now a days. since last summer its been
non stop on and off touring whether it be with the mongoloids or with
trash talk. I can't say I hate it but it makes being home pretty
hectic. a lot of the time while on the road I find myself thinking
about friends back home, very few in particular, and wonder if they
even know I'm gone or care for that matter. it drives a wedge between
you and the people you spend the most time with because eventually you
have to leave and that's always a bummer on both ends. I think being
in a hardcore band and touring with hardcore bands has brought me to
realize and appreciate other types of music. I fund myself listening
to all varieties of music. there's no area I haven't touched upon in
my library of mp3's. for the longest time I wanted so badly to be in a
band and make it but now I just feel like its not worth it because
I'll never achieve the sound I want out of a band. it would take a lot
for me to hang up this attitude and front a band but I'm open for
suggestions and ideas but I doubt they'll get far at all. if youre
reading this, I'm on my phone typing this and I'll probably doing this
more often. so if youre bored and feel like keeping me company while
on the road send me and email at or just text me
in always down for a good conversation. I was told once I'm a good
talker and can say some nice things I just suck at showing it until
next time. bye. I love you.

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