Monday, July 21, 2008

in retrospect

> right now as we drive to denton, texas I find myself listening to
> down to nothing. I'm feeling a lot better since my mental breakdown
> took place. I realized that not all those who wander, are lost. I'm
> on a road headed somewhere, I just dont know where. this tour has
> established the fact in my head that ive made some good friends
> (hoodrack and all the dudes in the cold world van) and ive also
> realized that rashod, garrett, spencer and lee are some of my best
> friends. its a real breath of fresh air knowing that I can be myself
> and still have people enjoy my company. that means a lot to me
> seeing as I watch a lot of people act a certain way to impress
> others. if thats your cup of tea then keep drinking it. more power
> to you and the people you look up to. I just can't do that. ive only
> ever been myself and yea that may have caused some problems along
> the way but I can't change that sorry. I'm done being jaded. I'm
> done being a cock sucker for no reason. ive got a new outlook on
> these things. speaking earlier of listening to down to nothing, I
> really enjoy being straight edge. some people wanna run their mouth
> about me but none of that jibber jabber will ever be said to my
> face. youre not even corny, youre just pathetic for wasting your
> breath on something that holds no barren on you or your lifestyle.
> keep talking, it'll get you no where and nothing but a tired jaw and
> a cool rep with your cool friends. I'm not a hard person to find.
> call me up let's have a talk. anyway what I was trying to tall about
> was this tour is going good. great perhaps. I'm siked to be at sound
> and fury and be behind the ttc table. some good friends from back
> home are coming out and that is awesome to be hanging out with them
> on the west coast. another might make the trip but its highly
> unlikely. we'll see only time will tell. in conclusion, support war
> hungry, trash talk, cold world, the mongoloids, down to nothing,
> ceremony, sabertooth zombie, bitter end, iron boots, bracewar,
> letxdown, have heart, and iron age. all good bands and even better
> people. peace from the road, maybe I'll talk to you soon. peace, I
> love you.

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